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Acquire Health Insurance Today to Avoid IRS Penalties

The Internal Revenue Service is instituting a new policy that if you do not have health insurance by the 15th of December 2014, then you will face a penalty at tax time. The next available registration date is February 1st. To find out the best coverage for your family and to avoid the penalties, call Frontier Insurance Solutions at 406-656-1452

Insure your family today and avoid tax penalties!

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Temporary Health Insurance

Affordable, temporary short-term health insurance coverage available from 30-180 days for those times when you may be between jobs, or during a period at a new job when you are uneligible for health benefits. Temporary health insurance can also be an inexpensive alternative to COBRA coverage after leaving a job.

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Group Health Insurance

When faced with the high cost of health care it's hard for your employees not to worry, which can hurt their performance. That's why we offer affordable and flexible plans to businesses large and small throughout. And with options like prescription drug plans and flexible spending accounts, your employees will feel secure.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Frontier Insurance Solutions have a full range of plans and benefit services for every stage in life. You'll find health insurance including Medicare Advantage Plans, group plans, individual plans, and administrative services to individuals and businesses throughout the west. At Frontier Insurance Solutions, we can help you face anything that comes your way. For information on plans for you or your business, call 888-863-3637, or your insurance agent/broker.

We know how confusing Medicare can be. That's why we offer Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. You get a plan that's easy to understand, fills in many of the gaps Medicare doesn't cover, comes with or without prescription drug coverage, and is accepted by most doctors in the region.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Information

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Disability Insurance

Personal Disability Income Protection

Your family counts on you to take care of them

You work hard to take care of your family, and they're worth it! Your earnings provide the "balance" in their lives with a comfortable home to live in and the good things that life has to offer. They count on you to take care of them, but an unexpected illness or injury could change everything...overnight!

Could a disabling illness or injury happen to you?

It is possible, but most of us want to believe that we're healthy and invincible. We like to think we can work and earn an income for as long as we want. But the facts are that a serious illness or injury affects thousands of people's lives every day. Consider these facts:
• One in five people will be disabled for one year or more before age 65.
• The chance of a long-term disability is - at a minimum - twice as great as death.
• Women between the ages of 35 and 65 are 40% more likely than men to become disabled for 90 or more days.
• Disability is the cause of nearly half of all home foreclosures.

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